The 20 rooms of the Emblematic Hotel Agáldar offer a combination between a trip to the past and an exclusive comfort. All of them are designed to take you deep into the history of our ancestors, taking into account our present and not forgetting to look to the future.


Maximum capacity for 2 persons

HARIMAGUADA, alluding to the women who were part of a socio-religious institution and very respected within the pre-Hispanic society are the rooms DOUBLE STANDARD. 

They are fully equipped to offer the best comfort to our guests in the most welcoming way possible. They are located on the second floor, which allows you to be only a few steps from our swimming pool and the chill out area.


Maximum capacity for 2 persons

The rooms FAYCÁN refer to the supreme priest of the aboriginal era and maximum authority after the Guanarteme. 

DOUBLE STANDARD WITH VIEWS stand out for their luminosity, high ceilings, comfort, exclusive design and a unique decoration that takes care of even the smallest detail, all this makes you live unforgettable days between the past, present and future.


Maximum capacity for 4 persons

The room FAMILIAR del Hotel Agáldar known as SEMIDÁN, whose meaning is 'honorable' and title applied to members of the Aboriginal ruling family, is the most spacious of our emblematic building.

Fully ACCESSIBLE for people with reduced mobility and with an exclusive design.


Maximum capacity for 3 persons

ATIS TIRMA was the cry before the last two aborigines rushed to emptiness during the conquest of the Castilians.

For this reason, our two DELUXE rooms have a distinctive decoration designed to wrap you in their colours. They will envelop you to live the history of this emblematic hotel and that of its city. They have a chaise longe of unique design for the hotel Agáldar that allows to accommodate a third person.


Maximum capacity for 3 persons

The PREMIUM room of the Hotel Emblemático Agáldar has been baptized as GUANARTEME, a name given to the kings of the island of Gran Canaria before the European conquest. The beauty of its decoration together with its spaciousness and its exclusive views of the historic centre of the city of Gáldar, allows you to contemplate in the foreground the square and the Church of Santiago, being the first thing that surprises when entering the room. Its marvelous chaise lounge gives a touch of freshness, livening up the space in a unique way.

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Plaza de Santiago, 14, 35460 Gáldar
Las Palmas - Spain

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